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Arts Week in Vacaville

Explore Vacaville’s artistic side from September 13th-22nd, 2019!

What is VACA Arts Week?

VACA Arts Week is a weeklong celebration of the Arts in Vacaville that takes place in September. Bringing together performing arts, live music, visual arts, and kids crafts, this event is meant to encompass all the many ways that artistic expression can take form. Take a tour around town and you’ll find a bit of everything, from an Ag & Art themed film festival to demos and discounts at the Young Artist’s Conservatory of Music to the 20th Annual Vacaville Jazz Fest, unlock your imagination as you explore the arts in Vacaville!

How To Explore Arts Week

Get the full schedule of events at to start planning the ultimate week of arty adventures. You can also click the purple “Plan Your Trip” button at the top of our site to explore our new trip planner, complete with all the Arts Week activities, hotels, restaurants, and fun things to do throughout town and create your own itinerary. Don’t forget to use the #VacaArtsWeek hashtag to share your adventures with us!

About VACA

VACA, the Vacaville Arts and Cultural Alliance, was formed by local artists, musicians, performers, and advocates for the arts in order to advocate for awareness and expansion of Vacaville’s arts scene. The group meets monthly and membership is open to locals with a passion for the arts and a willingness to help advance the arts in Vacaville.

Ways to Enjoy the Arts in Vacaville Throughout the Year

Vacaville’s arts scene blossoms all year long, with shows at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre, exhibits at the Vacaville Art League and Gallery, and fun crafts at Vacaville’s Imagine That! Explore Public Art using our guide to find sculptures around the city, or explore the rich assortment of historic, interactive, and performing arts businesses you’ll find around town.


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