Community Milling at Il Fiorello


Join the Il Fiorello Family and have wonderful oil from your own trees. All types of olives are welcome.

We will mill your olives on Sunday, October 24th and Sunday, November 21, 2021. This is a unique opportunity to mill your single tree of olives into fresh oil. The community milling days are for those of you that have a few olive trees but not enough to have a full run by yourself. There is no minimum amount of olives to participate. Try to call ahead and let us know the amount you are bringing in to the mill.

Arrive at the mill between 9am and 12pm. We would really like all the olives to come in early if possible. We will use only freshly picked olives in good condition, harvested no more than 24 hours before you bring them to the mill. Damaged olives will not be accepted. Do not leave the olives in the sun as fermentation occurs, and bad olives can spoil the oil. We will make the final decision to determine if they are heathy, and if not, they cannot be used. Do not harvest olives from the ground. Use inexpensive plastic tubs or grower’s buckets, no paper or plastic bags. Keep the olives cool.

Pick all of your healthy-looking green and black olives. If you have any olives that do not look healthy, i.e. have been fly-damaged, remove them from the tree, and put them in the trash. This will help to reduce the pest population while maintaining the quality of our Community Oil.


Weight: When you bring in the olives, we will weigh your crop. The weight of your container will be subtracted from the gross weight. We will then mill all the community olives. You receive back oil equal to the percentage weight of olives you contributed to the total community milling run. It will take us a few days to bottle all of the oil.

Payment: We will bottle your oil in new fresh containers; we cannot accept customer supplied containers for bottling. You will pay for your weight of olives/oil and for the appropriately sized container.

Pick-Up Information: Watch for the emails for announcements.

October Community Milling Oil available after 1pm on Friday, October 30th

November Community Milling Oil available after 1pm on Friday, November 27th

Community Milling at Il Fiorello

  • 2625 Mankas Corner Road
  • Fairfield, CA 94534