Kindred Spirit Workshop at Be Love Farm

September30 through October 03
4:00 PM - 11:00 AM

6 workshop sessions with a Q&A on Sunday.

Focaccia class on Friday Eve and Saturday (some work each day)

Includes All meals (3 dinners, 2 lunches, 3 breakfasts), lodging, workshop, pool, sauna, and fire pit evening under the stars.

Adults only

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This workshop explores relationships as access to the most authentic self: unconditional love. All relationships can be boiled down to simply “being with another”, and yet not that easy. Consider that relationship is a mirror, an opportunity to reveal the wounds that separate us and uphold the illusion of aloneness. For many, relationship has become about compromise or taking a fifty-fifty approach to finding workability. Kindred Spirit takes a 100% - 0% approach. In taking full ownership the union of “we” is awakened. Once our resistance is uncovered, the presence of love can reign. This workshop is for everybody as we are all in a relationship with one another.

While the work we do is deep and transformative Be Love Farm offers an inspiring environment with comfortable luxury to ease the process and create a fun, enjoyable, and life-changing opportunity to occur. What we ask is that you show up, fully, willing, and available to participate. Why? so that you will get what you came for, a new perspective, some new tools, and a more intimate connection in all of your relationships. See you this Fall.

Kindred Spirit Workshop at Be Love Farm

  • Be Love Farm
  • 7071 Bucktown Lane
  • Vacaville, CA 95688