Searching for the Fountain of Youth-The Five Tibetans

This event has already finished but is here for your information

In this amazing six-week course you will learn five simple, but powerful, yoga moves to enhance mind, body and spirit. When practiced regularly these yoga moves will: Strengthen your body; Regenerate your body and mind; Enhance your energy; Stems the aging process; Addresses the body’s energy system (vortexes) “Chakras”; and Create a patient practice.

Location: Blissful Massage and Wellness Center
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
411 Williams Street
Vacaville, California

In each weekly session I will break down one of the 5 Tibetan rites. Participants will receive handouts throughout the course. The last session we will experience the entire ten-minute workout together. “These five simple exercises will make you feel young again.” Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. Robin is a personal trainer and began studying and teaching Pilates in1993. As a fitness professional she has incorporated the method of Pilates into all aspects of training. She spent the first 10 years working at a local gym and 15 years ago opened FITBODIES I.N.C. studio. Fitness is not just a passion; it is a lifestyle which is like having pro-active health insurance. Attending all sessions is a critical part of your success. There is an understood commitment to attend all 6 sessions. If a session is missed, you can arrange a private session for makeup ($75/hour) Cost: $160 for six-week class When: Every Monday, October 9 – November 12 6:00pm – 7:00pm Visit our website: coming events page or call 707-446-1094 for tickets.

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