Stroll Down Penny Lane

October20 through October 21

Stroll Down Penny Lane is a live performance with beautiful films of the music of the most iconic songwriter of our age: Paul McCartney. The show includes songs spanning McCartney’s career – from early influences, to the Beatles, through the Wings period, and beyond. All performed by some of the Bay Area’s most sought-after career musicians. You’ll also hear songs that have never been performed in concert – anywhere, by anyone!

Professor Stompensplatt is the producer, writer, and lead singer of the band. His passion has been studying the music of Paul McCartney. Stroll Down Penny Lane is the result of his painstaking research, and the application of his writing abilities, using animation, and other film devices to explore what makes these songs so special. He has written and produced the twenty-five short films that are presented during the show.

Get ready for a night of immersive music with interactive storytelling, and integrated animations that will take you on a historic journey through the life and music of Paul McCartney!

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Stroll Down Penny Lane

  • Journey Downtown
  • 308 Main Street
  • Vacaville, CA 95688