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Public Art in Vacaville

Finding art in Vacaville is as easy as stepping outside. With an eclectic blend of modern and abstract sculpture, showstopping bronze castings, and joyful tributes to nature sprinkled throughout the city, you’ll find art everywhere you go!

At the Cultural Center

Head to the Cultural Center on Ulatis to see a gathering of art! Several abstract works from globally recognized designer Saul Nesbitt dot the landscape, and as you approach the entrances you’ll spot several bronze works like “Story Time” encircling the fountain.


As you approach downtown from Monte Vista Street, you’ll see “Red Butterflies” and “Pinball” stationed in the northwestern corner of Andrew’s Park. Then, strolling down Main Street, give a greeting to “Valley Harvest”, often referred to simply as The Pear Picker. As the trees planted around him continue to flourish and grow, he stands at attention waiting to pluck the first ripe fruit that reaches him.

All Around Town

Continue across town and you’ll find art everywhere, from intricate mosaic pieces lining the front of City Hall on Merchant Street to welded steel fruit trees standing guard over the Alamo and Allison Drive I-80 exits, and a colorful tribute to Willis Jepson (who was a founding member of the Sierra Club and a Vacaville native) at the corner of Leisure Town and Orange Drive.

The Vacaville Jacks

What about the jacks? The Vacaville Jacks were created as a public art initiative to benefit the Vacaville Museum. Several large white rabbits were entrusted to the care of local artists who decorated them in Solano’s best to showcase the many facets of the area. Though many are in private collections now, there are still a few public spots around town to visit them. Check out the Vacaville Museum, Pure Grain Bakery, and VPAT to visit a few of our favorites! That’s right Vacaville, #weknowjack!

Vacaville Art Gallery

We can’t talk about art in Vacaville without mentioning the Vacaville Art Gallery, too! This breathtaking Victorian home has been transformed into a diverse collection of rotating exhibitions by local artists working in all different mediums. Stop in and treat yourself to some eye candy at this fun local gallery!

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