Mix Canyon
	Mix Canyon

Mix Canyon

Tackle an epic biking climb in the Pleasants Valley hills! Start out at Alamo Creek Park Park in Vacaville. From here, head north on Alamo Dr, quickly turn left on Foothill Dr, then turn right on Pleasants Valley Rd. After about 4 miles of rolling terrain along Pleasants Valley Rd, you will hit the infamous Mix Canyon Road.

Stats from John Summerson’s Climbing (By Bike) In California book for Mix Canyon:

Elevation Gain: 2178 ft
Length: 4.0 miles
Average Grade: 10.3%
Steepest Mile: 15.8%
Steepest 3 Miles: 11.8%
Steepest Mile in California at 15.8%.

Additionally, a separate half mile stretch of Mix Canyon appears at the #6 spot in the toughest 1/2 mile climbing section category (15.4%) for Most Technical Descent in Northern California.

Needless to say, Mix Canyon, by the stats, is an epic climb, for experienced cyclists. 

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