Opportunity House Thrift Store
	Opportunity House Thrift Store

Opportunity House Thrift Store

Opportunity House has helped thousands achieve their goal of self-sufficiency, aiding the diverse needs of the growing population we serve.

We provide an “umbrella” of services, including transitional and alternative housing, support services, mentorship and volunteer programs.


Donation Exclusion List

Used Mattresses—due to bio hazard / bed bug concerns.

Chemicals—specialized disposal process (unless it is something we KNOW for SURE that we can use—i.e. select cleaning supplies)

Used Tires—also a specialized disposal process - very expensive to dispose of.

E-Waste Items (non-working electronics/appliances) - we currently DO NOT have the system, manpower, or budget in place to constantly recycle these.

Structurally-Compromised Furniture—we don't want any one getting hurt (personnel/customer) nor expose ourselves to potential lawsuits. However, there are VERY RARE EXCEPTIONS when the item is a repairable antique item (subject to management's approval).
Inflated Items (inflatable beds/pools/etc.)—unless it's one of those inflatable blow-up characters, we do not take these as well since they are USELESS punctured.

Car / Booster Seats—Due to recall issues we can only accept NEW.

Linens / Blankets / Soiled Sleeping Pillows -due to bio hazard / bed bug concerns. We will accept NEW.

Tube TVs—buying market is virtually gone; an expense to recycle.

Wet/Smelly/Damaged/Heavily-Soiled Articles (includes clothes, couches, toys, etc)—should be self-explanatory, but as always, we try to be courteous in explaining to customers WHY turning down their less-than-desirable conditioned items help curb our operating costs (which obviously, in-turn, keeps the shelter doors open).

We also highly recommend donors to place items in clear plastic bags.

It is not a guarantee that your items will be taken at the time it is dropped off. Donations will be at the discretion of the Dock Lead/Associates. Thank you!

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