Visit Vacaville's Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

Visit Vacaville has launched a local version of the internationally recognized Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, a program for individuals who would like assistance, help, or a little more time when shopping, traveling, or engaging in other public activities. Wearers of the distinctive but discreet green and yellow sunflower icon indicate that they have a disability that is not visually apparent, such as autism, chronic pain, dementia, anxiety, a brain injury, mobility issues after a recent surgery, or another hidden disability for which they would like to be seen. Visit Vacaville is offering lanyards and business card-sized sunflower cards to both residents and visitors at the Visit Vacaville offices and throughout the city’s participating hotel properties. Hotels and other businesses will undergo training on how to assist sunflower wearers.

Individuals and local businesses that are interested in being part of the Sunflower Program, please fill out and submit the form below.

*Visit Vacaville's Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program is only valid for Vacaville, CA. Lanyards and materials must be picked up at Visit Vacaville*

Sunflower Program Card
Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Decal
Sunflower Program Decal for businesses

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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program Participating Locations