Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings In Vacaville

Vacaville visitors, remember to pack your sweet tooth! From ice cold treats to decadent baked goods, read on to discover some of the best places to go when you get a hankering for something sweet!

ice cream


If something cold and creamy is what you are dreaming of, then you are in luck! Fenton’s Creamery in the Nut Tree Shopping Center is a Bay Area institution that makes all their ice cream on site and with fresh ingredients. Even the hot fudge is homemade, and oh so sinful! Fenton’s has a full menu for lunch and dinner too, just make sure you save room for the gigantic mouthwatering sundaes and ice cream concoctions. Don’t forget to ask about the Sundae of the Month!


If a new twist on ice cream is interesting to you head over to Peace Love and Boba and give liquid nitrogen ice cream a whirl. This ice cream is made to order and never stored! As much as possible the ice creams are made with local ingredients and real fruits. With flavors like Lavender Matcha, Nutella, Dole Hwhip, and Langka (Jackfruit), and even dairy-free options like Almond Joy, there is something for everyone to snack on!


Roline’s Uniquely Filipino has delicious food, but it also has one of the best Halo Halo bars around. What? You haven’t tried Halo Halo yet? You should go to Roline’s….right now! Halo Halo is the ultimate shaved ice experience with chunks of tropical confections, fruit, shaved ice, milk and topped with your choice of ice cream. It offers limitless yummy possibilities.

With flavors like Lavender Matcha, Nutella, Dole Whip, and Langka...there is something for everyone to snack on!


Can't decide if you want baked goodies or ice cream? Head on down to Journey Coffee Co. and all your wishes will come true. On Friday you can "Be Ice Cream or Be Nothing" and try locally sourced Be Ice Cream. With flavors like Cookie Butter, Oreo, and Thin Mint you are sure to find something you love. Don’t forget to pick out a delicious fresh baked pop tart or one of the ever-changing flavors of macarons – just a few of the many delicious bakery items Journey has available.


Is a scrumptious slice of pie or a flaky warm cinnamon roll what you crave? Look no further than Downtown Vacaville and Pure Grain Bakery. Just perusing the bakery case is a delight, with new cakes, pies, and baked goods baked daily and ready to be snatched up for a sweet breakfast, snack, or dessert. This German bakery serves cakes by the slice and takes orders for whole cakes and pies. Don’t forget to carb-out on the pretzels and freshly baked bread, too! Grab a to-go coffee and pastry and take a stroll down Main Street and Buck Avenue to enjoy your treat in the idyllic setting of historic homes and shade-dappled streets.

Grab a to-go coffee and pastry and take a stroll down Main Street & Buck Avenue...


Show stopper cakes and platefuls of beautiful cookies abound at Fantasy Cakes & Fine Pastries. The pastry case is a sight to behold with mounds of beautiful cakes, fruit tarts, sweets, and pastries to choose from. They also offer decadent custom made cakes for big (or small) occasions!

Soak up these and more confections all around town, and don’t forget to explore Vacaville restaurants for savory options to complement your sweet treats!


If you've never been to CREAM you're in for a sweet surprise. They specialize in ice cream sandwiches. What makes them so special is they have more than just cookies for your decadent dessert sandwich. You can choose from freshly baked warm waffles, cookies, mini cookies(for a small treat), Glazed Do’sants (Donut + Croissant), waffle cone taco shells, and they even have gluten-free and vegan options. The ice cream is creamy, delicious and perfect to top off a warm day.

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