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	Virtue Juice Bar

Virtue Juice Bar

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Virtue Juice Bar is a cross between a fast-casual restaurant and a wellness resource center. We are passionate about how we fuel our bodies and want to share this with our community.
We are actively creating a culture of health, inclusion, creativity, and personal excellence. Virtue is the perfect pick-me-up spot for locals as well as travelers bustling up and down the I-80 corridor. We want to serve you, and would like to offer you a new experience in the juice industry.

Experts tell us we will be the FIRST juice bar in the nation to be using Goodnature's X1 Mini juicers to provide organic cold-pressed juice MADE TO ORDER, ON DEMAND, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. We want you to be able to see the ~2 lbs of fresh organic produce going into your juice, so having our cold pressed juicers out on the bar is very important to us. We aim to serve you not only the tastiest chilled juice on the market, but items that provide all of the incredible nutrients and micro-nutrients that organic produce can offer. We are also proud to provide non-dairy and gluten free options to accommodate your dietary needs. 
To mix things up, try one of our enriching smoothies or our organic espresso elixirs. To curb your hunger, an acai bowl or GF gourmet toast might be your answer. No matter what you’re feeling, we got your back.

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Phone: (707) 689-5158

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1670 E Monte Vista Ave
Vacaville, Ca  95688

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Virtue Juice Bar

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Phone: (707) 689-5158