Things to Do in Vacaville, California: Lagoon Valley Park - Part 1

With weather this perfect, it's time to find things to do outside again!


Vacaville offers a host of outdoor activities for one and all, but Lagoon Valley Park features so many of these options that we decided to focus solely on this location in this blog post. Whether you're into hiking, trail running, mountain biking, horseback riding, disc golf, archery, or just plain sitting and watching the sunset, Lagoon Valley Park is the place for you. We'll cover all of these in the near future, but this week we're focused on exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Lagoon valley

For those who like to stroll and soak up the sun, a walk around the lagoon is in order. There are many winding trails that go up and down the hills of Lagoon Valley, but for those who prefer a more horizontal trek, go for a simple walk around the lagoon. If a little shade and a few hills don't bother you, try starting your walk at the Butcher Rd entrance and head to Jack Hume Grove. A walk through the Redwoods & native plants is sure to clear and refresh your mind. The grove was planted back in 1982, and then expanded into a park are after Jack Hume, the Grove's main benefactor and namesake, passed away in 1991.

Lagoon valley sunset

Of course, you can always just sit by the lagoon and watch the sun rise or set over the Vaca Valley Hills. What's your favorite way to relax and take in the beauty of Lagoon Valley? Let us know in the comments and share this post with a friend!

For those using the park to pay pay station to enter and use the parking lot, there is a $5 daily cost and an option to purchase a $25 six month pass after which one can upgrade to an annual pass for an additional $25. Walk in pedestrians, equestrians, and bicyclists do not need a permit. If you have a vehicle with a DV (Disabled Veteran) plate, there is no vehicle charge to enter the park.

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