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Where to Find the Most Spectacular Views and Sunsets in Vacaville, California

Open space is plentiful in Vacaville. The kind of open space that makes you want to breathe deep. The kind that makes you appreciate the majesty of nature. And the kind that makes you want to capture it on film. That open space and the breathtaking views it provides are exactly what makes Vacaville a prime territory for capturing flawless sunset (and sunrise!) shots. From the rolling hills of Lagoon Valley to color-drenched farmlands and fields, you’ll have your pick of the perfect locations to soak up the super-saturated sky and capture a memory that will last a lifetime.

Nut Tree Airport

The open hills behind Nut Tree Airport offer a fantastic spot to pull over and watch as the sky turns from a turquoise blue to a soft amber. Enjoy that perfect moment out of the day with quiet companionship or simply soak up the peace and quiet as you watch the sun setting over the hills of Vacaville. 

Getting there: Head east on E. Monte Vista Avenue until you see the Nut Tree Airport Sign, turn in and find a spot to park and relax. Alternate spot: head to the back parking lot of the Nut Tree Shopping center (E. Monte Vista Avenue and Nut Tree Road) and find not only a spectacular view of the hills but also, with a little exploration, the old covered bridge in the fields just behind the shopping center.

Lagoon Valley Lake

A local favorite for spectacular sunsets is Lagoon Valley Lake. Set in the serene hills just outside of town, the two-mile loop around the lake offers unprecedented opportunities for birdwatching, dog-walking, and scenic viewpoints. With its abundance of ancient oaks, regal herons, and the gently sloping hills, Lagoon Valley has picturesque moments to spare!

Getting there: From Vacaville, head west on I-80 and take Exit 51B towards Peña Adobe Road, follow the signs over the overpass and into the park. As of Fall 2018, there is a $5 charge for parking, which is payable at the kiosk in the main parking lot.

Parks, Fields, and Flowers 

Vacaville is studded with a bevy of parks, fields, and farmlands that provide ideal backdrops for the setting sun. Take a stroll along the winding Creekwalk path, enjoy an evening picnic at a local park, or take a cruise through the backroads in search of the perfect spot to pull over and snap a photo. On the outskirts of town, fields of sunflowers in all their blooming glory are a summertime favorite and create an unexpected foreground against saturated skies.

Getting there: You’ll find parks and fields scattered throughout the town and all around its edges. We encourage visitors to grab a map at the Visit Vacaville Visitor’s Center and explore to their heart’s content! However, please use caution and be respectful of private property and farmlands.

We asked visitors and locals to share their best Vacaville sunset photos and they didn’t disappoint! Want to add to the gallery? Use #vacavillesunset and you may see your photo featured here!

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Go hiking in lovely Lagoon Valley, which offers great views of the city and beyond. Explore historic downtown Vacaville, or find a new favorite vintage at one of the first-class vineyards and wineries of the neighboring Suisun Valley -- a short drive from Napa and Sonoma.

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