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Taking place on September 23rd, Vacaville Arts Fest is the most exciting arts and culture event in Vacaville, California. It is a celebration of the diversity and wealth of creative talent Vacaville has to offer. Arts Fest highlights the vibrant art and culture scene in Vacaville by showcasing creative arts such as: visual arts, demonstration, performances, musical arts and much more.

Who: Visit Vacaville and Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre. There will be a vendor fee of $50 to participate in Arts Fest. Our goal is to integrate many disciplines, cultures, and encourage partnerships between groups.

What: Visit Vacaville’s Arts Fest is a celebration if our community’s diverse arts and cultural offerings. This event highlights the vibrant art and culture Vacaville has to offer by planning creative art related performances, such as: visual arts, demonstration, performances, musical arts and much more. Arts Fest will be hosted the last weekend of Vacaville’s Arts Week.

When: September 23, 2023, starting at 10:00am at Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre.

Why: To share with the Vacaville residents, the vast amount of artists, art organizations, and performers in the city and to give our locals an opportunity to learn, participate, and enjoy a variety of new arts experiences.

Are you a local vendor selling art related items and interested in participating?

We will begin Arts Fest as 10am on September 23, 2023. Visit Vacaville will assign you a location at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre and provide further details once application has been approved. Register by completing this form or emailing

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By submitting this form for inclusion in Visit Vacaville’s Arts Fest, you agree to:

  • To use your website and social media to promote the event
  • Utilize the #VacaArts hashtag on social media and post the official poster on your promotion platforms
  • Use the Arts Fest logo on all promotional materials
  • Share images and video of the events with Visit Vacaville
  • Allow use of images and video for promotional purposes

For questions or to submit your images and video, please contact Delaney Holden at 707-450-0500 or at

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