Soaring through Vacaville, California: Your guide to birding in Solano County

A mass variety of birds have flown in from all over to make Solano County their home. Birding enthusiasts have flocked to the area to get a glimpse of the sites that this area has to offer. Grab your binoculars cause you are in for an avian treat.


Where To Go

1. Gates Canyon Near Pleasants Valley

Only 2 miles from Mix Canyon, Gates Canyon is located in the outskirts of Vacaville, off of Pleasants Valley Road. Set on the Pleasants Valley Hills, this trail has provided a great environment for adventure seekers looking to challenge themselves to a hike to the top of Mount Vaca. Be on the look out for wild turkey or our state bird the California valley quail!

2. Browns Valley Open Space: Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills will take you right through the beautiful golden hills of Browns Valley. This lightly trafficked 2.4 mile trail is known for hiking, running trails, and the birding. There have been confirmed spottings of the red winged blackbird and bullock’s oriole.

Tip: Don’t get too close to the baby Canada geese. The mother geese are very protective of their babies.

3. Alamo Creek Bike Path: Eleanor Nelson Park to Patwin Park Trail

This path is 2.8 miles and lightly paved, lined with trees and floored with hard asphalt. A beautiful creek runs along the trail providing a beautiful sanctuary for various species of birds, including the ring-necked pheasant and mallard. Don’t be fooled by the park, this trail will take you on a journey through nature, with the comfort of being in the middle of the city.

4. Lagoon Valley Loop

This beautiful 2.5-mile loop around the lake is hands down one of the most iconic places in Vacaville. At any time of the day you’ll find the lagoon filled with wood ducks and Canada geese. If you are looking for an easy walk around the park, this is the place to go.

5. Lagoon Valley Park Mountain Bike Trail

This trail is definitely for those who want a challenge in their usual hiking routines. With this birding trail we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Don’t be intimated by the steep climb though, you are in for an absolute treat. At the top, you have a view of the whole valley, be sure to keep an eye out for the red tailed hawk or the white tailed kite.

6. Rush Ranch

The Rush Ranch Open Space located in Fairfield offers a wide-open range of exploration and bird watching. With the Suisun Marsh bordering one side, this environment provides an abundance of birds and other wildlife. It has also been noted that around 230 bird species were spotted in this area alone including the great horned owl and the song sparrow.

7. Lynch Canyon

Lynch Canyon Open Space Park has 10 miles of trails that feature some of the best bird watching in Solano County. Keep your eye out; you might get lucky enough to spot a golden eagle flying through the air.

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Stay for the weekend and explore all of the trails to get a better chance of spotting these beautiful birds. Stop by our office to gather more information about the area and even grab your own copy of “Breeding Birds of Solano County”. Let us know how your trip was by tagging us @visitvacaville and using the hashtag #ilovevacaville.

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