Vacaville, California's Hidden Gems: Atlas Obscura Readers Explore Consolidated Rock & Mineral

Among the 14,000+ entries listed in a compilation of interesting and unique places, there's a little shop known to locals and visitors alike simply as "The Rock Shop"


While exploring the Atlas Obscura website, which is dedicated to inspiring wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share, we came across a familiar place: Vacaville’s very own Consolidated Rock and Mineral (aka The Rock Shop). We just couldn’t resist uploading some photos to add to their listing and sharing the page with all of you!

If you’ve never explored the Rock Shop, you’re way overdue for a visit. Housed in an unassuming warehouse on Quinn Road, it’s just the kind of place that people can lose themselves in.. with roomfuls of rocks, fossils, crystals, and gems that range from the rare and unusual to the common but still extraordinary. It is a place of wonder, learning, shopping and curiosity.

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