Tackle an unforgettable bouldering experience on the outskirts of town.
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Explore Vacaville's natural beauty at a walking pace. From epic ascents to gentle loops, we've got trails for everyone.
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Explore winding trails, paths, and hills to challenge any cyclist.
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Vacaville Outdoor Recreation

Get out and get moving with plenty of California outdoor recreation.

Vacaville provides the perfect setting to get out and go! Our ideal California climate makes outdoor recreation possible at almost any point throughout the year. Enjoy great northern California fishing, northern California hiking, sprawling community parks, scenic bike and walking paths, or indoor sporting venues. No matter what you’re looking for in California outdoor recreation, you’ll find a way to enjoy it in Vacaville.

Enjoy California Outdoor Recreation All Year

Vacaville’s Mediterranean climate and ideal location make for the California outdoor recreation enthusiast. The majority of the city’s average rainfall (less than 18 inches) occurs in the mild winter months between November and March, leaving the greater part of the year amenable to checking out northern California hiking trails, casual creekside strolls, and local wildlife observations. Lace up your walking shoes, grab your binoculars, and discover the great outdoors in and around Vacaville.

Northern California Hiking and Hiking Trails

Long summer nights and gently rolling golden hills make Vacaville, located just 50 miles from San Francisco, a hiker’s paradise. Crest peaks studded with stately oaks in a quest for the tree swings hidden at the top of several local hiking trails. Come enjoy the finest Northern California hiking when you explore trails in and around Vacaville. You can climb the heights in Vacaville’s gorgeous Peña Adobe Park, home to the infamous Tower Challenge and the loop trail around the lake, or ascend the rim of the mountains surrounding Lake Berryessa at Cold Canyon in the neighboring town of Winters. Or you may choose to wind through grasslands and oaks on the trail up to the peak of Skyline Wilderness Park, a favorite in nearby Napa Valley.

Hikers of all skill levels will enjoy a year-round warm and sunny climate fit for the ultimate outdoor recreation adventure. Do you want to challenge yourself with a steeper climb? Ascend Vacaville's basalt boulders, some of the best problems for bouldering in northern California, along the trails in the Browns Valley Open Space, part of the public lands on the north side of town. The area around the boulders is filled with winding paths perfect for day hikes and unbeatable views of the surrounding hillsides and sunsets. This truly is the very best of California outdoor recreation.

Some of the Best in Northern California Fishing

You can experience some of the best conditions year-round for Northern California fishing in Vacaville with over 260 days of sunshine per year. There are quite a few excellent freshwater fishing spots around Vacaville. Whether you like lake fishing or river fishing you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Lake Berryessa is only 20 minutes from Vacaville. This is a nice spot for anglers visiting Northern California who would like the challenge and option of fishing for warm water or cold water fish species. The Berryessa angling experience offers the opportunity to test your skills in catching rainbow trout, catfish, bass, and bluegill. The lake is accessible via a boat launch, plus there are fishing boat rentals available.

Lagoon Valley is Vacaville’s crown jewel in many ways. One reason for this is the great sport fishing offered here. Bank fishing, float tube fishing, and kayak fishing are permitted at the lagoon, but only non-motorized boats are allowed. It is a beautiful and quiet place to sit back, cast a line and take in the scenery.

Putah Creek fly fishing is popular and there are Northern California fishing guides that you can enlist the help of. Part of the winding water trail that leads to Lake Solano, the creek is about 20 minutes from Vacaville. Putah Creek is one of Northern California’s trophy trout destinations, and well worth the investment for a weekend hotel stay in Vacaville to get in some good fishing. Fun Fact: many people don’t realize that Putah Creek is the “Green River” in the Creedence Clearwater Revival song.

The Suisun Waterfront boasts pier fishing and a boat launch for motorboat fishing. It’s only about 15 minutes away from Vacaville in The Waterfront District of Suisun City. Really, it’s the perfect location for a few days of fishing. There’s also the option to boat over to Grizzly Island and make a great catch. Expect white catfish, sturgeon, black crappie, striped bass, and once in a while some largemouth bass.

Vacaville Agriventure

Combine two of Northern California’s greatest experiences into the ultimate trip by turning your visit into an Agriventure! Many people are pleased to learn farms, produce stands, and agricultural adventures are plentiful in the area and add an extra layer of fun and freshness when combined with outdoor adventures.

Whether visiting with bovine onlookers in the Browns Valley Public Lands or stopping off to stock up on ripe local fruit, lush green plants, farm fresh eggs, or locally grown olive oil during a visit to Mix Canyon or Gates Canyon, where you’ll find some of the most exciting and challenging cycling in the state, including the most technical biking descent in Northern California and the steepest 1 mile climb in California on Pleasants Valley Road.

To help define Agriventure we have a saying: Vacaville Agriventure - where the biggest of outdoor California adventures meet the freshest of California farm flavors!

Golf Vacaville, CA

Enjoy a round of golf during your stay! With 3 highly rated golf courses near Vacaville, CA and a Mediterranean climate that supports year-round outdoor recreation, your perfect game is just a tee-off away.

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Take a leisurely ride or an epic ascent on one of Vacaville's many biking paths, trails, and scenic back roads.

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Discover some of Northern California's best fishing spots, guided tours, and more.

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Discover a bold outdoor adventure in the unspoiled hills of Vacaville.

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Escape the daily grind and enjoy the wonders of the great Northern California outdoors.

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Vacaville's many parks and trails offer miles of hiking and sweeping vistas. Get out and explore the natural beauty of our little corner of Northern California!

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Vacaville Golf Courses

Well-kept greens surrounded by picturesque rolling hills and oak trees make for a perfect golf outing during your Northern California vacation.

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Vacaville Parks

Vacaville is home to scenic hills, incredible parks, and spacious trails!

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